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Many styles and textures are available to a potential carpet purchaser, but often, a blind decision is made simply based on appearance and touch. Nouwens crafts a variety of different textured carpets, in a mixture of natural and man-made fibres, which can be divided into the following categories: loop pile, cut pile and cut loop pile carpets.

Loop pile

As the name implies, the fibre is looped onto the backing, in various heights and densities.

Cut and loop pile

As the name implies, these carpets have a combination of cut and loop pile fibres for interest and depth.

Flat Weave

As the name indicates, flatweave carpets do not have a regular pile surface but rather a flat woven construction as used in sisals and coirs. Various types of spun or BCF surface yarns are used to create interesting weave patterns.

Cut pile

As opposed to loops, individual yarn tufts make up the carpet pile.

A dense cut pile carpet with heat treated yarn making each tuft-end distinguishable at the surface.

Stepless Saxony
Achieved by slightly texturising Saxony pile yarn to lessen the effect of footprints.

A cut pile where yarn has a twisted heat-set texture.

Whatever option you choose to go with, Nouwens Commercial Carpets offers the best carpets for commercial use.