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Partnering with Modulyss

Nouwens Carpets recently partnered with internationally acclaimed Belgian company, Modulyss, to become the sole distributors of their unique carpet tiles. This is just one of the many strategic agreements Nouwens has in place to accelerate our technological investment to provide carpets for commercial use.  The partnership gives Nouwens Carpets significant growth capabilities and the ability to expand into new markets. We are proud to be associated with Modulyss and their top-quality products and services.

Who is Modulyss?

Part of the Balta Group and based in Belgium, Modulyss designs and produces modular carpet tiles for the contract market. Aided by their ingenious production process, this international powerhouse in the soft flooring industry strives to provide carpet tiles of optimal quality quickly, efficiently and sustainably.

Why Modulyss?

Due to their considerable advantages, Modulyss has deliberately chosen to provide carpet tiles for the contract market. They are easy to cut, install and maintain which means turnaround time to the customer is quick and efficient when it comes to carpets for the office. Other advantages include:

  • Better acoustics by absorbing and insulating sound in and between rooms
  • Better air quality by trapping dust particles better
  • Great walking comfort
  • They are safe with no danger of slipping on a loose carpet
  • Suitable for floor heating
  • Create unique designs with their mix and match attributes
  • Simple to store and transport
  • Less cutting waste compared with ordinary carpets
  • Phased installations are possible
  • Simple and cost-effective replacement as only the damaged tile needs to be removed
  • No damage to the sub-floor
  • Less dust and time saved as no demolition, grating and equalization needed
  • Modulyss carpet tiles have bitumen backing which is eco-friendly, stable and means the tiles can be loose laid with no permanent glue necessary

Product ranges

Modulyss’ complementary carpet collection and mix&match service helps you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Simply browse by name or by collection and the product search will give you a list of products that suit your needs and meet your expectations. Our mix&match service offers you a source of inspiration for the most varied carpet tile combinations. The results of your search work can then be found in the wish list where your selected products are arranged. What could be more convenient?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. There is no obligation and we are always eager to help.