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While our heritage is in European-style carpet manufacture, and we continue to research international trends, Nouwens is a genuinely South African company with a real understanding of the local environment and its wants and needs. Nouwens creates products that suit a South African lifestyle and complement both homes and offices, in terms of colour mix, décor fit and longevity.

With a total commitment to employing and training South Africans, and styling products with a classic local touch, Nouwens Carpets offer the ideal domestic and commercial carpets product for any proudly South African contractor, business, property owner, builder, architect, designer or decorator.

Nouwens ensures discerning service whenever it engages with customers, and likes to differentiate from the crowd. So, if you see something that appeals to you from our large range of pure new wool, nylon, polyester or polypropylene carpet selections, please complete the order form below, and we will ensure that you receive your own carpet swatch to match to your interior and feel the difference! We have the best office carpet ranges to choose from that will be perfect for your office revamp or carpets for the office you’re looking to move into.